Bayer & Monsanto

What is the current state of the Monsanto integration?

The integration of Monsanto is currently in progress. On Advancing Together you will find all information about the merger and answers to the most frequently asked questions. In addition, our project team will be happy to answer any further questions you may have via e-mail. Please find the contact details on our website.

Do I now apply for Monsanto or Bayer?

Since we have already received several inquiries in this direction, we have summarised all relevant information about the application on a designated subpage. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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School leavers

Here you will find specific answers to precisely the questions that are of interest to you as school leavers on topics such as work placements and training opportunities once you leave school.

Does Bayer offer work placements for school leavers?

Yes, Bayer offers work placements for school leavers at various locations in Germany. Further information on people to contact and entry requirements for individual sites can be found here.

What vocational training opportunities are available at Bayer?

Bayer offers training in various scientific, technical and commercial careers. (For an overview of our vocational training opportunities, please see here.)

Are there any vocational training courses at Bayer that also allow you to study for a degree?

Bayer offers high school graduates with very good academic results several vocational training courses with an integrated study program:

1. Management and International Business Studies (MIBS) training and study program with combined training as a commercial assistant

2. IT with business studies (WIN) training and study program with two-and-a half years of training as an IT specialist

3. Combined engineering training (KBA) as an industrial mechanic with mechanical/process engineering studies for a Bachelor of MechanicalEngineering or Bachelor of Process Engineering

4. Training as an electronics specialist in automation engineering with electrical engineering studies for a Bachelor of Engineering.

5. Training as a chemistry laboratory technician/chemical technician and Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Engineering

(For an overview of our vocational training opportunities, please see here.)

What are the requirements for applying for a vocational training course with an integrated study program?

Requirements vary depending on the subject area. A high school diploma is a basic requirement for all programs. A high school diploma is essential for the “ Management and International Business Studies” program. Other requirements depend on the chosen subject area.

How can I apply for a vocational training place or an integrated degree program?

Places on vocational training courses and integrated degree programs are advertised every year around August and start in September of the following year. Offers are updated daily and can be found using the matrix on the online application page. If an application form is displayed for a vocational training course or a degree program, there are still free places available. Tha application procedure runs throughout the year. There are no set deadlines.


The most important questions concerning you as a student with regard to an internship or an undergraduate dissertation etc. are answered here.

How many internships does Bayer offer?

Approximately 600-800 places are available each year throughout Germany, the vast majority of which are in Leverkusen and Berlin.

What tasks need to be performed during an internship?

Right from day one, Bayer assigns its interns tasks that suit their existing skills. It is not unusual for interns to be assigned responsibilities or sub-projects.

How will I be supervised during my internship?

As well as supervision in the intern’s own department, there are regular get-togethers where interns can share experiences and get to know each other.

How important is a knowledge of German?

A knowledge of German is desirable but not always essential. Depending on the subject area, communication may only be in English. English should therefore be spoken at a fluent level. However, to help them feel at home, we recommend that all students acquire basic knowledge in the relevant national language prior to an internship, as interpersonal relations frequently depend on language.

What about health and accident insurance?

Students are required to provide details of their health insurance status if they wish to work at Bayer. Employment is dependent on membership of a health insurance fund. If your work is not a mandatory internship and you earn more than €400 a month, you will be subject to social insurance contributions. In the case of accidents at work, students are covered by the Employer's Accident Liability Insurance Association while they are working for Bayer.

Internships and Theses

How far in advance should I apply for an internship or to write my thesis?

To help us to plan your internship or thesis you should apply as early as possible, ideally six months before your preferred starting date. In the case of pharmaceutical internships, this should be 1-1.5 years in advance.

Can I make a speculative application for an internship or to write my thesis?

Should you not find a suitable internship using the job search, you are welcome to submit a speculative application using the links at Students > Internships > Germany:

Can I apply for several internships or theses at the same time?

Yes, you can apply for several internships or theses/dissertations at Bayer at the same time. You are welcome to apply for advertised positions and also take the opportunity to make a speculative application.

How long does the application process take?

It generally takes approx. 3 months from initial contact to signing a contract with Bayer. Some cases may take longer or be processed more quickly. This is dependent on several factors, such as finding a suitable appointment for an interview, the starting date in the department, etc.

What is the application process for internships and writing theses?

If your online application is impressive, you will be invited to a personal or telephone interview. These interviews help us to get to know each other and to check whether you are suitable for the position. They also give you the opportunity to meet future co-workers and check whether the job description and the associated expectations match the actual duties.

You can find more information under the “How to apply” tab.

Do I have to go through an Assessment Center?

No, there is no need to go through an Assessment Center when applying for an internship or to write your thesis at Bayer.

Do only good grades matter?

For an internship or writing a thesis or dissertation at Bayer, you will impress us both with your specialist qualifications (good grades at university) and with your personality. You enjoy working with others and value the diversity of teams with people from different cultures and with different views. You have gained intercultural experience through internships or studying abroad and have good language skills, in particular English. You are result-oriented and responsible, flexible and mobile. You will fit in particularly well with Bayer if you share our passion to innovate and want your ideas and solutions to improve people’s lives. If you are applying from outside Germany, you should also be fluent in English. In some departments, the ability to speak German is also very helpful. It is important to send proof of matriculation along with your application.

How long should an internship or thesis last?

We recommend to do an internship for two to six months (max. one year) to ensure tasks can also be performed independently following an induction phase. The timeframe for compulsory internships or writing your thesis or dissertation with Bayer depends on the period set out in your exam regulations.


Basically there is a general restriction for voluntary internships of six months whereas required interships can last up to one year.

How much do students earn?

Remuneration depends on the kind of internship. For basic internships and work experience for pharmacy students ("Famulatur") it is 300 € - 500 € per month. Students writing their theses/dissertations and specialist internships receive the minimum wage (between 1,450 € and 1,539 € per month - depending on working hours). Students who move to one of our sites for the duration of their internship or time writing their thesis or dissertation have the opportunity to receive a rent allowance depending on the subject area.

Which internships and theses are offered at which sites?

All job advertisements include the site at which the internship or thesis/dissertation is being offered. Our job search page also offers the opportunity to select your preferred site and see the positions available there.

Internships Only

Is it possible to undertake a part-time internship?

While it is possible to undertake a part-time internship at Bayer, no internships are advertised as part-time, but instead are negotiated with the relevant department.

Can I do an internship that covers a number of areas?

While it is possible to undertake an internship that involves working in several areas, these are not explicitly advertised, but rather are negotiated with the relevant areas.

Is it possible to undertake an internship abroad?

Yes, there is the option for students to complete an internship abroad.

You can find the job advertisements of the overseas Group companies on the global job portal at www.career.bayer.com, where you can apply directly to the Group companies abroad or get in touch with the contacts given.

You can find more information on the sub-page “Students > Internships > Abroad”: http://www.karriere.bayer.de/en/students/internships/abroad/

How far through my course should I be?

We generally recommend undertaking internships no earlier than the 4th semester of your bachelor studies. The advertisement for the internship may include specification of a minimum level of study.

Is it possible to receive an internship place even without previous practical experience?

Of course it is possible to gather your first practical experience in an internship at Bayer. However, the advertisement for the internship may include specification of a certain level of practical experience.

Can I undertake an internship before I start studying?

We offer basic internships that serve as preparation before starting to study (e.g. for engineering students), orientation internships following completion of a training/degree course, and gap year internships (starting within 12 months from the end of your training or degree course). Apart from these, it is only possible to undertake specialist internships / practical semesters alongside a course of study or theses/dissertations at various degree levels in the fields of science, technology and business.

Can I undertake an internship after my studies?

We offer interested students of various disciplines the opportunity to complement their studies with practical experience. We have joined the “Fair Company” initiative for this purpose. An important fairness principle of this initiative is that internships are only granted to registered students. This prevents full-time positions that may have been affected by job cuts simply being replaced by interns, who can then be exploited as cheap labor. We take this commitment seriously and are therefore only able to offer you an internship if you are registered at a university and actually still studying.


This does not apply to gap year internships and some orientation internships. Between completing your bachelor's degree and embarking on a master's degree you can take a year out to gain practical experience and consider the direction you wish to take. This also applies to orientation internships following training or after completion of a master's degree, provided that you have not yet completed your academic education (e.g. if you intend to take a PhD or second master's degree). The internship must start within 12 months from completion of your vocational training or degree course.


Within this period, Bayer offers internships for a maximum of 6 months.



Theses Only

Can I write my thesis in collaboration with Bayer and, if so, how?

You can either apply for advertised thesis positions or use the links at Students > Internships > Germany to make a speculative application: http://www.karriere.bayer.de/en/students/internships/germany/

Your application should include a suggested topic or focus that is relevant to Bayer. Once your application has been successfully examined, we will look for a suitable position and a mentor for your work at the company. In the meantime, you should speak to a tutor at your university who will approve the subject of your thesis and will support and assess your work. We will agree the exact terms of the contract with you individually.

Does Bayer provide topic suggestions?

The advertisements for thesis positions include indications of the specialist area or subject for which the position is being offered.

If you are making a speculative application for a thesis position, you should agree a topic with your professor beforehand that is relevant to Bayer. You can use our Group website and the websites of the subgroups to look for possible topics.

Is it possible to combine writing my thesis with an internship at Bayer?

If you should come across an interesting subject during your internship, it is possible to write your thesis during or after your internship with the agreement and approval of the relevant area.

It is also possible when applying for an advertised internship or thesis position to ask about the possibility of combining the two.


Career starters/young professionals

As a graduate you are now poised to start your career. This section gives you the answers to key questions.

Does Bayer offer any Trainee Programs?

Opposed to direct entry positions, Bayer also offers Graduate Programs in various disciplines for university graduates

These include:



By clicking on these programs you will get more detailed information concerning content, requirements, application etc. about each program.

Moreover, you can find a program brochure with the most important information at a glance.

Does Bayer offer special development programs for young professionals?

Support for young professionals is very important at Bayer, regardless of whether they are taken on as direct entry employees or enter the company via the graduate trainee program. In addition to line managers, experienced specialists frequently act as mentors to facilitate integration into the company, provide access to internal networks and act as career development coaches.

How can I personally meet Bayer employees to find out about getting a job at Bayer?

Bayer employees attend trade fairs in Germany almost all year round to advise students, graduates and young professionals on the opportunities available for joining Bayer. Further information is available here. The Facebook career page “BayerKarriere” also offers an opportunity for making direct contact with company representatives and provides an insight into the day-to-day work of a Bayer employee through various blog entries.

How are engineers recruited at Bayer?

Engineers are generally recruited on an “on-the-job” basis, i.e. with a defined area of responsibility. Key areas are technical development, engineering and construction.
The main tasks here are process development, technical plant management and plant planning. Subsequent job rotation inside and outside Germany is possible in principle.
Direct entry is possible throughout the year.

Bayer also offers an international Trainee Program for Engineers. Further information can be found here.

How are scientists recruited?

The focus is on research and development. Depending on the subject area, there is also the option of finding an opening in analytics, information and knowledge management, internal consulting and marketing. Direct entry is possible throughout the year.

How are IT specialists hired?

If you have chosen to specialize in IT, Bayer offers a variety of career opportunities in areas such as “Finance & Accounting Consulting (SAP)”, where you will be responsible for tasks such as devising, analyzing, designing and implementing solutions in the global SAP systems, providing our customers with technical and system-related support and working with the applicable accounting and system standards within the scope of the projects. Job opportunities for IT specialists are determined by the focus of their training. Specific responsibilities include installing and setting up IT infrastructures, PC services and network services, implementing software, providing and operating HR systems, etc.

How are economists recruited?

Economists can start their careers at Bayer via direct entry or a trainee program. Vacancies can be found on our careers page under “Job Search”. Bayer currently offers four trainee programs – the global Supply Chain Management Trainee Program, the international HR Trainee Program, the international Financial Management Trainee Program and the international Procurement Trainee Program. Further information can be found here.

Experienced professionals

Questions about employment and promotion opportunities for professionals with experience are answered here.

Are managers at Bayer also recruited from within the company’s own ranks?

The HR development philosophy at Bayer places special emphasis on developing from the company's own ranks. Bayer offers interesting international career opportunities for job rotation, project assignments and foreign assignments. For example, managers from Inhouse Consulting are often recruited for positions at the individual companies. However, we regularly have vacancies for experienced external managers that can be found by using our “Job Search”.

Do you have special incentive programs for employees with particular qualifications/skills?

A key aim of HR development at Bayer is to identify “high potentials” so as to systematically nurture and develop them through challenging tasks, project assignments, foreign assignments and selected top-level seminars. Internal assessment centers are also offered and regular feedback meetings held on the initiative of the employee's supervisor.

What incentives are offered to Bayer employees?

As well as the basic salary, Bayer offers its employees short- and long-term incentives such as variable salary components based on the company’s success and the employee’s personal performance, individual one-off payments for particularly outstanding performance and a stock participation program.

Further incentives may include:
- Bayer mutual fund
- Deferred compensation for retirement
- Company leasing car
- Long-term accounts

What is Bayer’s contribution to the work-life balance?

By employing personal worktime models or setting up a home office, Bayer meets the various needs of its employees, enabling them to combine their professional and private lives. Employees can also build up a balance from their various time and income elements in a personal long-term account to retire earlier by using paid leave.
In Berlin and Monheim, the company operates its own children's daycare centers with 140 and 60 places respectively. Bayer has an additional 210 places available to Bayer employees at four other children’s daycare centers in Leverkusen. Employees are also provided with support in looking for carers for children or dependents requiring care.

Since the end of the 1980s, Bayer employees have been able to interrupt their employment for up to seven years – taking into account maternity periods and statutory parental leave – to look after their children.