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Our success is a result of the knowledge, skills, commitment and happiness of our employees. As a modern, international employer, we want to improve our employees’ quality of life by offering a superb range of benefits. These include options to safeguard the health of individuals and their families, to provide for their financial security, and to ensure a healthy work-life balance.

Benefits & Rewards Benefits & Rewards Benefits & Rewards Benefits & Rewards

Competitive Pay

As an attractive employer, we offer a fair, competitive, performance-related salary as a matter of course. Furthermore, we offer a range of attractive benefits designed to meet the individual needs of our employees.

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Family, hobbies or voluntary work – we strongly believe our employees should be able to organize their professional and personal lives to best meet their needs and priorities. We provide a wealth of options to promote a healthy work-life balance.

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Promoting Health

We’re keen to promote a healthy lifestyle among our employees. Managers, company physicians and psychosocial experts are available to support our employees in finding and making use of appropriate health care services.

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We are a responsible employer, and this responsibility includes helping to ensure the welfare of our existing and former employees in retirement. In line with their individual requirements, our wide range of benefits will help them take care of tomorrow today.

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