LGBT+ at Bayer

The world we live in is colorful – with differences in our sexual orientation and sexual identity as well as our cultural backgrounds. That’s why Bayer wants to make sure everyone can develop their full potential and no-one has to pretend to be something they aren’t. We know that is essential in order to strengthen our teams, encourage creativity and innovation, enhance satisfaction and attract talented and able people to Bayer.

Living diversity

We are all aware of celebrities and politicians, and maybe friends and relatives, who are open about their homosexuality. Happily, in recent years there has been a sharp rise in the number of openly lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+) people and same-sex partnerships. Yet an open approach to sexual orientation, sexual identity and the expression of sexuality in the workplace still presents challenges for many LGBT+ people. At Bayer, we see LGBT+ as part of our corporate diversity, which enables us to examine needs and requirements from different perspectives and helps us find better solutions to the challenges of the future. A fair, respectful and appreciative attitude to all our colleagues is therefore one of our fundamental principles - and is just as important as offering everyone equal opportunities for development.

And since diversity is an integral part of our culture, just like our passion for innovation, we encourage behavior that strengthens precisely these elements. Therefore we are always open-minded, respect and value different views, and rely on one another in our everyday work so we can create common values. That includes trusting all of our colleagues and giving them the security and self-confidence they need to do their job.

“We appreciate the wealth of ideas, backgrounds and perspectives our employees bring to the Group. We are convinced of the very positive effect this has on our business. This is why we create a working environment that allows all employees to freely express their sexual orientation and identity.” Hartmut Klusik, Member of the Board of Management of Bayer AG.

BLEND - working together for greater acceptance

LGBT+ people often find it difficult to be true to themselves and how they want to live. They have to confront many issues in the workplace: How will colleagues react if I come out? How could my sexual orientation and sexual identity affect my professional development? Is there anyone in the company I can discuss such issues with? The global BLEND community for LGBT+ employees at Bayer and their supporters wants to raise awareness of LGBT+ issues and drive forward an inclusive corporate culture. No-one at Bayer should have to hide their personality and ideas - regardless whether they are a member of LGBT+ community or not.

BLEND has a presence around the world, in countries like Brazil, the USA and China, yet it is organized locally - for example, in Germany. The BLEND network in Germany currently has an active presence in Wuppertal, Dormagen, Monheim, Leverkusen and Berlin, takes part in careers fairs, organizes events and holds meetings where people can share their views. The group in Berkeley in the United States has produced a video for the US project “It gets better.” All BLEND groups are happy to answer questions and use their experience and knowledge to help LGBT staff.

Do you have questions about LGBT at Bayer? Click here to contact our BLEND network.




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