Practical year for pharmacists

Pharmacy students regularly have the opportunity to spend the second half of their compulsory practical year (as required by Article 4 of the Licensing Regulations for Pharmacists) at Bayer HealthCare. We make around 20 places available every year. If you want to use your practical year to combine valuable experience with unique insight into research, development, manufacture or quality control at one of the world’s leading health care companies – then apply to us! Below is all the information you will need to submit an application.

In what pharmaceutical areas can students work at Bayer HealthCare?

You can basically work in any part of Bayer pharmaceuticals during your placement – ranging from research and development to analytics and production, regulatory affairs, market access or marketing. We always try to take your specific interests and strengths into account. Please feel free to mention in your application in which area you would like to work in, giving one or two alternatives. During your placement you will generally work independently on a project. You will write a report on the results of your work at the end of your placement.

Testimonial: Practical Year in Oncology Research

Sabrina Schecher is studying Pharmacy at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. In a video interview she gives insides of her internship in the oncology research department and her project dealing with immunotherapy and antibody-drug conjugates (only available in German).


Testimonial: Practical Year in Technological Development

With hindsight it was the logical thing to do. Pauline Wetzler was faced with the difficult question of where to spend the second half of the practical year which she needed to qualify as a pharmacist. She had already decided that she wanted to look beyond the confines of public pharmacies. Wetzler, a student from Ankum near Osnabrück, Germany, was keen to learn more about research and development. “A doctoral candidate at Münster University suggested applying to Bayer,” she says. The decision was that easy. Read more here.

Testimonial: Practical Experience in Clinical Supply Management

Hi, my name is Miriam Seibt and I've just spent six exciting and varied months as a pharmacy intern in Clinical Supply Management. This department supplies all phases of clinical trials around the world with the requisite drug products. My involvement in various studies has familiarized me with numerous Bayer products and their respective mechanisms of action and indications, and substances that are currently in development as well as those in life-cycle management. The arrangements with the generally international trial teams are usually conducted in telephone conferences, so I've been able to pick up a lot of specialist terminology in English. The training covered regulatory aspects of the drug products as well as how to use software and databases. And I'm glad to have had the experience of giving patients more quality of life.

Online Application

If you are interested please apply online for one of our current job offers or through our online application form for the Practical Year Pharmacy.


What documents should your application contain?

Your online application should include a CV (resume), electronic copies (scans) of your high school leaving certificate and the certificate showing that you have passed your first state pharmacy exam. If you have other important documents – such as references from other practical placements that you have already completed – you should add these to your application.

How does the application procedure work?

If we are interested in pursuing your application, we will invite you to an interview so that we can gain a personal impression of you. If, after the interview, both parties are interested in working together, you will receive a written offer from us for a six-month pharmacy practical at Bayer HealthCare.

When does the practical placement take place?

Usually we start the six month pharmacy placement in May and November. You should apply about one year before you want to start a placement.

What references and certificates are issued to placement students?

All placement students will receive a certificate for the examinations office and a reference from Bayer HealthCare at the end of their practical year.

Where does the practical placement take place?

Pharmacy students can carry out their placement at our Pharmaceuticals sites in Berlin, Leverkusen and Wuppertal. Students can also spend the six months in our Animal Health Division in Monheim.